Private 3 or 4-Car Garages: A Luxurious Amenity

When it comes to upscale living, having a private garage is a coveted feature. Imagine having not just one, but a 3 or 4-car garage exclusively for your residence. This is the level of luxury offered by our residences, where convenience meets elegance.

 The Dezervator™ Vehicular Elevator System

One of the standout features of our residences is the innovative Dezervator™ vehicular elevator system. This cutting-edge technology allows residents to access their private garages effortlessly. No more struggling with parking or maneuvering in tight spaces. With the Dezervator™, parking becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience.

 Convenience and Security Combined

Not only does the Dezervator™ offer convenience, but it also enhances security. By providing direct access to your private garage from your residence, it eliminates the need to navigate through common parking areas or external garages. This added layer of security ensures that your vehicles are always safe and secure.

 Spacious and Functional Design

Each garage is designed to accommodate 3 or 4 cars comfortably, ensuring that you have ample space for your vehicles. Whether you have a collection of cars or simply need space for your family vehicles, our garages are designed to meet your needs.

 Customization Options

We understand that every resident is unique, which is why we offer customization options for your garage. From storage solutions to lighting preferences, you can personalize your garage to suit your lifestyle.

 Elevate Your Living Experience

With private 3 or 4-car garages accessible through the Dezervator™ vehicular elevator system, our residences offer a living experience unlike any other. Experience the ultimate in convenience, luxury, and security with our innovative garage solutions.


In conclusion, the private 3 or 4-car garages in each residence, accessible through the Dezervator™ vehicular elevator system, are more than just a feature; they are a testament to our commitment to providing a luxurious living experience. Experience the convenience, security, and elegance of our residences today.

Private Heated Swimming Pools with Raised Sundeck: Luxurious Features for Your Residence

Adding a private heated swimming pool with a raised sundeck completely transforms the living experience in a residence. These features not only add value to the property but also offer a private oasis for relaxation and outdoor enjoyment.

  The Benefits of Private Heated Swimming Pools

Private heated swimming pools offer significant benefits for residents. The controlled temperature allows for comfortable swimming year-round, even in cooler climates. Additionally, being exclusive to residents ensures privacy and convenience without the crowds of a public space.

  Enjoy the Sun on Your Raised Sundeck

The raised sundeck is a perfect complement to the private heated swimming pool. It provides an elevated space for sunbathing in comfort and privacy. With panoramic views and direct access to the pool, the sundeck becomes an ideal spot for relaxing and enjoying the weather.

  Customization Options for Your Private Pool

Private heated swimming pools with raised sundecks offer customization options to suit individual preferences. From the size and shape of the pool to the finishes and additional features, homeowners can design their own personalized oasis.

  Maintenance and Safety Features

In addition to comfort and aesthetics, private heated swimming pools with raised sundecks often include maintenance and safety features. Advanced filtration systems and safety covers help maintain the pool in optimal condition and ensure the safety of residents and their families.


In conclusion, private heated swimming pools with raised sundecks are luxurious features that offer an exceptional living experience. With benefits such as year-round comfort, privacy, and customization, these features significantly enhance the quality of life in a residence.

 Residence Features: Spacious Interiors with Elegant Smooth-Finish Ceilings

 Spacious and Inviting Interiors

In our residence, you will enjoy spacious interiors that provide a sense of openness and comfort. Each area has been designed to offer a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for enjoying with family and friends.

 Elegant Smooth-Finish Ceilings

The ceilings of our residence stand out for their elegant smooth finish, adding a touch of sophistication and style to each room. With a clear height of 10 feet, the ceilings create a sense of grandeur and brightness throughout the space.

 Functional and Aesthetic Design

In addition to their elegant appearance, the ceilings of our residence have been intelligently designed to accommodate mechanical equipment without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. This ensures that you can enjoy a beautiful and comfortable environment at all times.

 Bright and Well-Ventilated Spaces

Thanks to the ceiling height and the intelligent design of our residence, you will enjoy bright and well-ventilated spaces in every room. This not only enhances the quality of life but also reduces the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning, resulting in lower energy consumption.

 Exceptional Living Experience

In summary, the spacious interiors and elegant smooth-finish ceilings of our residence offer an exceptional living experience. From their functional and aesthetic design to their ability to create cozy and bright environments, every detail has been carefully considered to provide you with a home that you can truly enjoy and appreciate.

Residence Features: Sweeping Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Views

In this luxurious residence, residents are treated to breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway through expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. These sweeping vistas create a serene and picturesque backdrop for modern living.

 Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

The floor-to-ceiling windows are a defining feature of this residence, providing an abundance of natural light and framing the stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway. These windows not only enhance the beauty of the interior space but also create a seamless connection with the outdoor environment.

 Uninterrupted Views

One of the key benefits of these floor-to-ceiling windows is the uninterrupted views they offer. Residents can enjoy panoramic vistas from the comfort of their own home, whether it’s watching the sunrise over the ocean or enjoying the twinkling lights of the cityscape at night.

 Spacious Interiors

The interiors of this residence are designed to complement the expansive views, with spacious living areas that flow seamlessly from one room to the next. The open-concept layout allows for flexible living arrangements and ensures that every room benefits from the natural light and stunning views.

 Modern Design

The residence features a modern design aesthetic, with clean lines, high-end finishes, and contemporary fixtures and fittings. The design is both stylish and functional, creating a space that is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

 Luxurious Amenities

In addition to the stunning views and spacious interiors, residents of this residence can also enjoy a range of luxurious amenities. These may include a state-of-the-art fitness center, a relaxing spa, a resort-style pool, and more, all designed to enhance the living experience.


In conclusion, this residence offers a truly exceptional living experience, with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway, spacious interiors, and luxurious amenities. It is a place where residents can relax, unwind, and enjoy the beauty of their surroundings every day.

Smart Climate Controls with Digital Thermostats

In modern residences, smart climate controls with digital thermostats are revolutionizing the way we manage indoor temperatures. These innovative systems offer precise control, energy efficiency, and convenience, ensuring optimal comfort in every season.

 Understanding Smart Climate Controls

 What are Smart Climate Controls?

Smart climate controls refer to systems that use advanced technology to regulate indoor temperatures intelligently. They can be programmed to maintain specific temperature settings throughout the day, adjusting automatically to suit your preferences and schedule.

 Benefits of Smart Climate Controls

– Energy Efficiency: By optimizing heating and cooling based on your habits and the weather, smart controls can significantly reduce energy waste and lower utility bills.

– Customizable Settings: Digital thermostats allow you to set different temperatures for various times of the day, ensuring comfort when you need it and saving energy when you don’t.

– Remote Access: Many smart systems can be controlled remotely via smartphone apps, allowing you to adjust settings even when you’re away from home.

 Features of Smart Climate Controls

 Digital Thermostats

Digital thermostats are the cornerstone of smart climate control systems. They offer precise temperature control, often to within a fraction of a degree, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency. Many models also include features such as humidity control and air quality monitoring.

 Programming Capabilities

One of the key benefits of smart climate controls is their programmability. You can set different temperature profiles for different times of the day or week, ensuring that your home is always comfortable when you’re there and saving energy when you’re not.

 Integration with Smart Home Systems

Smart climate controls can often be integrated with other smart home devices, such as smart speakers or lighting systems. This allows for a seamless home automation experience, where all your devices work together to enhance comfort and efficiency.


Smart climate controls with digital thermostats are a game-changer for modern residences. Offering precision, energy efficiency, and convenience, these systems are transforming the way we experience indoor comfort. Invest in smart climate controls today and enjoy a more comfortable and efficient home tomorrow.

State-of-the-Art Gaggenau Appliances for Modern Living

From culinary enthusiasts to everyday home chefs, the allure of state-of-the-art kitchen appliances is undeniable. At [Nombre del Residencial], we’ve curated a living experience that seamlessly blends luxury and functionality. Among our standout features are the cutting-edge Gaggenau appliances, designed to elevate your culinary endeavors and redefine modern living.

  Elevate Your Culinary Experience

  Gaggenau Tall Wine Cooler

Wine connoisseurs will appreciate the sophistication of the Gaggenau tall wine cooler. Its sleek design and advanced cooling technology ensure that your collection is stored at the perfect temperature, ready to be enjoyed at any moment.

  Gaggenau Steam and Convection Ovens

Prepare to unleash your inner chef with the Gaggenau steam and convection ovens. These innovative appliances offer precise temperature control and multiple cooking modes, allowing you to explore a world of culinary possibilities from the comfort of your home.

  Seamless Integration, Stylish Design

Gaggenau appliances are renowned for their seamless integration into modern kitchen designs. Their sleek lines and premium finishes add a touch of elegance to any space, while their advanced features make cooking a joyous experience.

  Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

  Gaggenau’s Commitment to Sustainability

Beyond their impressive performance, Gaggenau appliances are also designed with sustainability in mind. Their energy-efficient operation helps reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on quality or style.

  A Greener Future with Gaggenau

By choosing Gaggenau appliances, you’re not just investing in premium quality; you’re also contributing to a greener future. These appliances are built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing waste.


In conclusion, the state-of-the-art Gaggenau appliances at [Nombre del Residencial] are more than just kitchen tools; they’re a testament to our commitment to luxury, functionality, and sustainability. Elevate your culinary experience and embrace modern living with Gaggenau.

Towel Warmer in the Master Vanity at Bentley Residences

Experience the epitome of luxury and comfort with the towel warmer in the master vanity at Bentley Residences. This innovative amenity adds a touch of indulgence to your bathroom, ensuring that your towels are warm and cozy whenever you need them.

Luxurious Comfort

The towel warmer in the master vanity provides a luxurious and comforting experience, allowing you to wrap yourself in a warm towel after a relaxing bath or shower. This amenity adds a spa-like element to your daily routine, ensuring that every moment in your bathroom is one of comfort and relaxation.

Convenient and Efficient

The towel warmer is conveniently located in the master vanity, making it easy to access and use. Simply place your towels on the warmer before you shower, and they will be warm and ready for you when you’re done. This efficient amenity saves you time and effort, ensuring that your towels are always warm and inviting.

Elegant Design

In addition to its practicality, the towel warmer in the master vanity features an elegant design that enhances the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. The sleek and modern appearance adds a touch of sophistication to your vanity area, creating a stylish and inviting space.


In conclusion, the towel warmer in the master vanity at Bentley Residences is a luxurious amenity that adds both comfort and style to your bathroom. With its convenient location, efficient heating capabilities, and elegant design, this amenity enhances the overall luxury and functionality of your bathroom, ensuring that every moment spent in this space is one of comfort and indulgence.

Toto Neorest Toilets with Integrated Bidet Technology at Bentley Residences

Elevate your bathroom experience with the Toto Neorest toilets featuring integrated bidet technology at Bentley Residences. These cutting-edge fixtures combine luxury and innovation to provide a superior level of comfort and cleanliness.

State-of-the-Art Bidet Technology

The Toto Neorest toilets are equipped with state-of-the-art bidet technology, offering a range of customizable settings to suit your preferences. From adjustable water temperature and pressure to oscillating and pulsating cleanse modes, these toilets provide a personalized cleansing experience like no other.

Hygienic and Eco-Friendly

In addition to their luxurious features, the Toto Neorest toilets are also designed with hygiene and sustainability in mind. The integrated bidet technology ensures thorough cleaning, reducing the need for toilet paper and promoting environmental conservation.

Seamless Integration

The Toto Neorest toilets seamlessly integrate into the elegant design of the bathrooms at Bentley Residences. Their sleek and modern appearance enhances the overall aesthetic of the space, adding a touch of luxury to every bathroom.


In conclusion, the Toto Neorest toilets with integrated bidet technology are a standout feature at Bentley Residences, offering a luxurious and eco-friendly bathroom experience. With their state-of-the-art features and seamless integration, these toilets exemplify the commitment to luxury and innovation that defines Bentley Residences.

Stone Floors, Walls, and Vanity Countertop in Master Bathroom at Bentley Residences

Experience the epitome of luxury living at Bentley Residences, where exquisite design meets unparalleled comfort. Among the many lavish features of these oceanfront condominium residences, the master bathroom stands out with its stone floors, walls, and vanity countertop, offering a blend of elegance and durability.

Luxurious Stone Finishes

The master bathroom at Bentley Residences is adorned with premium stone finishes, adding a touch of sophistication to the space. The stone floors, walls, and vanity countertop exude opulence, creating a spa-like atmosphere where you can relax and unwind in style.

Toto Neorest Toilets and Other Amenities

In addition to the stunning stone finishes, the master bathroom features Toto Neorest toilets with integrated bidet technology, providing the ultimate in comfort and convenience. The bathroom also boasts a sauna, a freestanding tub with a view, and a double rain shower head, offering a luxurious bathing experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Custom Bentley Design

To complement the luxurious stone finishes, the master bathroom features custom levers on the bathroom faucets, showcasing Bentley’s signature diamond design. These elegant details add a touch of sophistication to the space, creating a truly luxurious environment.


In conclusion, the master bathroom at Bentley Residences is a true masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. With its premium stone finishes, state-of-the-art amenities, and custom Bentley design elements, it offers a luxurious and relaxing retreat where you can indulge in the ultimate spa experience.

Heated Bathroom Floors at Bentley Residences

Indulge in the ultimate luxury with heated bathroom floors at Bentley Residences. This amenity offers a blend of comfort and elegance, ensuring that your bathroom is a warm and inviting space all year round.

Comfortable and Cozy

The heated bathroom floors provide a comfortable and cozy environment, especially during colder months. Stepping onto warm floors after a shower or bath enhances your overall bathing experience and adds a touch of luxury to your daily routine.

Energy-Efficient Heating

The heated bathroom floors are designed to be energy-efficient, providing warmth where you need it most without excessive energy consumption. This environmentally friendly heating solution helps reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your bathroom comfortably warm.

Enhanced Aesthetic

In addition to their practical benefits, the heated bathroom floors enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. The sleek and modern design of the heated floors adds a touch of sophistication to your bathroom decor, creating a stylish and inviting space.


In conclusion, the heated bathroom floors at Bentley Residences are a luxurious amenity that combines comfort, elegance, and energy efficiency. With their cozy warmth, eco-friendly heating, and stylish design, these heated floors elevate the overall luxury and functionality of your bathroom, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience every time you step inside.